Woman receiving a chemical peel treatment.

Dermal therapy

Our dermal therapy options at Macquarie Skin Clinic include microneedling and chemical peels, delivered by our expert aesthetics team.

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What is dermal therapy?

Dermal Therapy is the management of skin conditions with aesthetic/nonsurgical treatments. A dermal therapist will perform a full skin analysis and advise on skin care routines. This may include professional advice on products to use regularly or therapies to enhance your skin, such a chemical peels, microneedling and laser/light based therapies (i.e. IPL).


Woman receiving an antiwrinkle injection.

Microneedling is aimed at improving fine lines and texture of a treated area (including mild acne/surgical scars). The skin is penetrated by thousands of tiny needles, causing pinpoint trauma. This starts a wound healing process, stimulating collagen production in the skin, effectively improving the skin quality, with minimal downtime. A series of microneedling treatments, usually a month apart, can go a long way to rejuvenating your skin.

Chemical peels

Woman receiving an antiwrinkle injection.

Chemical peels are a mainstay in your skin care journey! It is a treatment that is advocated by our practice for most patients. It is affordable and a simple way to improve skin quality and address a number of common skin issues.

Chemical peels may be better termed ‘enzyme treatments’ as the term peel conjures up visions of skin being stripped from the face!

A peel is a cosmetic treatment where a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers. This allows a controlled and limited injury to the skin, leading to rejuvenation and improvement of the patient’s concern.

There are many different peels, the type and strength determining the depth of penetration. Different ingredients and concentrations can be used depending on the result required. Lighter peels are like a facial, with transient mild redness but no downtime and improve lines, pigment, blocked pores/active acne. Deep peels cause more discomfort and downtime (flaking, peeling, redness and swelling) and are useful for management of acne/surgical scars.

You may require a series of treatments to address your specific concern or achieve healthy glowing skin. Appointments are usually space 2–4 weeks apart.

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Our dermal therapy team

Dr Amy O’Brien General Practitioner BMedSci MBBS(Hons) FRACGP

Dr Amy O’Brien

Dr Amy O’Brien leads the aesthetics team at Macquarie Skin Clinic. She is an experienced injector, providing antiwrinkle, filler and double chin treatments. Amy also works with a number of lasers, managing both medical and aesthetic concerns. Patients can book directly with Amy for review and advice regarding their skin concerns. She also works closely with Sally and Mel to support their practices and provide advice as needed.

Sally Walters Aesthetic Nurse/Practice Nurse

Sally Walters, Practice Nurse

Sally is a Registered Nurse and an experienced cosmetic injector. Her expertise includes antiwrinkle injections and dermal fillers. She provides skin consultations and treats patients needing medical grade peels and laser. Sally assists the doctors with procedures and postoperative care. She brings a caring and cheerful nature to her work.

Melissa Stokes Dermal Therapist

Melissa Stokes, Dermal Therapist

Melissa comes from the aesthetic industry with over 20 years’ experience in skin care, laser treatments, microneedling and medical grade peels. She provides her patients with a wealth of knowledge to ensure patients have the best experience possible. Melissa delivers one-on-one consultations regarding our specialised skin care products and can also provide individualised treatment plans.